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Brazilian Portuguese Books now available for schools, libraries, universities and others US organizations 


Catavento Books is a trusted partner for libraries and schools across the US delivering Portuguese books published in Brazil to Portuguese language communities. We are a Catavento Books a retailer, distributor, and publisher of children’s literature serving our community by offering any title, for any age, published in Brazil including: fiction and non-fiction best sellers, student's literature, educational books, and professional titles. 


We offer:


  • Unmatched Selection: We offer a vast collection of Brazilian Portuguese-language titles. Need a specific title published in Portuguese? We will find it for you through our established network.

  • Seamless Distribution: Catavento Books ships from our California headquarters and handles all aspects of distribution, guaranteeing your chosen books arrive promptly.

  • Experienced Partnership: We understand the unique needs of libraries and schools. Leverage our experience to navigate budgetary constraints with competitive pricing and flexible ordering options.

  • Purchasing made easy: Pay with check, credit card, or paypal. We accept purchase orders!

Unmatched Selection

Seamless Distribution

Experienced Partnership

Purchasing made easy



WhatsApp: (949) 409-5159

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